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Maid America FAQs

Q. How is the pricing structured?
A. We are looking forward to working with you. We offer four hour blocks of time at a most competitive price. As each home is different in size, condition and decor, we recommend working from an ‘order of importance’ list, so that when the clock runs out, your most important chores were done. If your home needs more than four hours to accomplish all your tasks, an extra hour may be purchased at a prorated price. If your home is larger than 2000 sq. ft., or if you have not had a housecleaner in some time, you may want to do this.

Q. Will the cleaner bring cleaning products?
A. 1—For move-in, move-out and spring cleaning services the cleaner will be prepared for the task unless you have special needs; have the items there for them, otherwise they will be prepared.

A. 2— For regular maintenance service, your house cleaner will be using your cleaning products unless otherwise negotiated with the worker for an additional fee for the supplies to be included. For best results have proper supplies for jobs required. Example: having tilex for mildew will clean the shower immediately, whereas trying to remove mildew by scrubbing with a cleaner not designed for mildew means time lost that could have been used on another chore, plus signs of mildew still visible in spite of scrubbing. Call the office if you have any questions regarding cleaning products. Make sure to have a clean vacuum bag and extra belts. Also plastic bags for trash collection and containers in children’s rooms where scattered toys and clothes may be deposited. Because of allergies and foreign chemicals we find it is more customer friendly to keep your environment the same for you and your family by using your own supplies for this service.

Q. Do I have to be home when my cleaner will arrive?
A. We encourage you to be home to meet your housecleaner for the first cleaning, if only long enough to introduce them to your home and to show them where everything they need is kept. Sometimes this is not possible. If not, use the “confirmation call" you will receive from your housecleaner the evening prior to your appointment to inform housecleaner of everything they need to know. We recommend that you write a list of “priorities” (which may change from visit to visit).

Q. Any special instructions for my pet?
A. Pets should be introduced on the first visit. Any unfriendly pets should be kept outside. Because of health reasons housecleaners do not pick up after pets.

Q. How will the housecleaner get into my home?
A. You may want to make key arrangements, (either hidden on property or with a neighbor). We discourage giving the key directly to the housecleaner, as they don’t want the responsibility. As a professional domestic independent, he/she will be responsible for the safe keeping of any key you may wish to leave with the housecleaner.

Q. Will I always have the same housecleaner?
A. Your housecleaner is a professional domestic independent, registered with our agency. Once a housecleaner has been assigned to you, we will try to keep your appointment, but we reserve the right to schedule a replacement. You have the right to change the cleaner anytime by calling the agency.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. Your housecleaner is a professional domestic independent, he/she depends on a certain number of hours per week for income. Should you wish to change your appointment, please give us 48 hours notice, so that we may rebook the time. Cancellations also require 48 hours notice or will have to be billed at quoted rate.

Q. How should I pay for the services?
A. Payment should be made at the time of service. Leave a check made out to “Maid America.” You may pay cash if you prefer or visa/mastercard.



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